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Follow Up Message to Lockdown at FHS 03-28-2023

No Emergency


Dear Foxborough School Community,  

Today at approximately 8:51 am we, like a number of schools in the area, received a call of a possible active shooter at the High School.  These calls are what are known as a “swatting.” The purpose of these phone calls is to disrupt the school day with threats of violence, creating an interruption to and tying up local police and public safety resources. At this time, the source of these phone calls are unknown at this time and to the best of our knowledge did not originate within this area. There was no emergency and this is part of a national trend.

The Foxborough Police Department placed Foxborough High School in Lock Down after becoming aware of this “swatting” call and all safety protocols and response procedures were put in place. It was determined that there was no emergency after a sweep of the school by law enforcement. The school is currently being taken out of lock down to resume our typical schedule and will proceed with our normal school day including any school events. We understand that events like this can cause increased anxiety and we are here to support our school community.  

The Foxborough Police Department is in constant communication with the Foxborough Public School Administration in a collaborative approach to ensure the safety and well-being of all students and staff. Through the teamwork of our School Resource Officers and each school’s administration, we are committed to working together to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable learning environment for all students.  


Amy A. Berdos, Ed.D. 
Superintendent of Schools                

Michael A. Grace       
Foxborough Police Department                 

Richard H. Noonan Jr.                 
Deputy Chief
Foxborough Police Department