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Health Services


Nurse Leader
Jennifer Rosenberg BSN, RN,NCSN
Ahern Middle School
[email protected]
Phone: 508-543-1646
Fax: 508-543-1654

Vincent M. Igo Elementary School
Erin Murray,  MHA, BSN, RN 
[email protected]
Phone: 508-543-1684
Fax: 508-543-1695

Mabelle M. Burrell Elementary School
Nicole C. Quin RN, BSN
[email protected]
Phone: 508-698-6524
Fax: 508-543-1650

Taylor Elementary School
Angela Murphy RN, BSN
[email protected]
Phone: 508-698-9825
Fax: 508-698-6523

Foxborough High School
Katherine Woods  RN, BSN 
[email protected]
Phone: 508-543-1630
Fax: 508-543-1671

Ahern Middle School And High School Nurse
Katie Timmons  RN, BSN
[email protected]
Phone: 508-543-1646 (Ahern Middle School)
Fax: 508-543-1654 (Ahern Middle School)
Phone: (508) 543-1630 (High School)
Fax: (508) 543-1679 (High School)



COVID Updates:

There is no statewide requirement for masking in schools, apart from in school health offices, and the Commonwealth is not recommending universal mask requirements. Additionally, the Commonwealth is not recommending surveillance testing of asymptomatic individuals, contact tracing, or test-to-stay testing in schools.

Effective August 15, 2022, all students and staff in childcare, school in grades K-12, or participating in out-of-school time (OST) and recreational camp settings should follow the updated isolation and exposure guidance issued by DPH, in alignment with recently issued guidance from CDC. No asymptomatic person should be excluded from school as a result of exposure, regardless of vaccination status or exposure setting. As a reminder, contact tracing is no longer recommended statewide in K-12 schools

For more detailed information, please visit the following guidance documents and resources:

  • August 11, 2022: Most recent CDC guidance
  • August 15, 2022: Update on COVID-19 Matters in K-12 Schools for Fall 2022 accessed here.
  • Spring 2022: Department of Public Health Guidance for school health offices accessed here: DPH guidance
  • Summer/Fall 2022: Department of Public Health Guidance for Children and Staff K-12 accessed here
Click Here For COVID-19 Update in K-12 for Fall 2022