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Superintendent of Schools

Amy A. Berdos, Ed.D.

Administrative Assistant – Janet Gracia
Fax 508-543-4793

Assistant Superintendent

Alison Mello, Ed.D.

Administrative Assistant – Debbie Marcelonis
Phone – 508-543-1675
Fax – 508-543-4793

Business Administrator

Bill Yukna

Administrative Assistant–Pam McCauley
Phone – 508-543-1665
Fax – 508-543-4793

Office of Student Services
Cory Mikolazyk
Director – 508-543-1645
Kim McDowell
District Wide Team Facilitator – 508-543-1645
Pam Anderson
FHS Special Education Team Chairperson – 508-543-1616
Dianna Parr
Early Childhood Coordinator – 508-543-1605
Technology Department
Aaron Hyre                
Director of Technology – 508-543-1555
Facilities Department

Tony Moussalli

Facilities Manager - 508-543-1676

Carl Fuller                

Assistant Facilities Manager - 508-543-1676

Curriculum/Program Specialists
Karen MacKinnon
K-8 English Language Arts /Social Studies/Title I Director
Noelle Hendrixson
K-8 Math/Science Director
Extended Services (Child Care, Summer School, Adult Ed)
Nancy Martin
Director – 508-698-3858
Transportation Department
John MacLennan
Transportation Manager– 508-543-1600
METCO Program
Patricia Timmons
METCO Program Director - 508-543-1620
Food Services Department
Janice Watt, SNS
Food Service Director 508-543-1656