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William James Interface Referral Service

The Interface Referral Service from William James College is now active for all students who attend Foxborough Public Schools. People interested in connecting with mental health services in the area are encouraged to call the helpline: 1-888-244-6843. The helpline is staffed by knowledgeable professionals Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm.


Foxborough's Dedicated Webpage from Interface has many resources that could be useful to our entire community.


Things to keep in mind when calling Interface:

  • Those who call Interface will be providing the following information:
    • Demographics: name, DOB, gender, address, contact information.
    • Insurance information: plan, number, subscriber, etc.
    • Availability: general schedule for your family, times that are ideal for appointments, and those that will absolutely not work.
    • Types of resources the caller is interested in: individual counseling, family therapy, in-home therapy, neuropsychological test, etc.
    • Past experiences with mental health resources: have you connected well with a behavioral health provider in the past, are there any providers in the area you would not want to be referred to.
    • Safety assessment questions related to things such as self-harm, suicidality, intimate partner violence, substance use or misuse.