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School Safety

We want you to know that the Foxborough Public Schools and the Foxborough Public Safety Departments have no greater priority than ensuring the safety and welfare of our students and staff.


We also firmly believe that strong partnerships between our schools, families, and community partners give us an advantage in Foxborough.  Public Safety and School personnel meet weekly to discuss concerns, identify early warning signs, address student needs, and to assess and mitigate all known threats. We are continually challenging ourselves to keep our community and schools safe and support the mental health and emotional well-being of our students. Each school has a Mental Health and Crisis Team to support our long-range goal for achieving a comprehensive system of prevention, early intervention, and ongoing support for students.


Additionally, each of our schools has a comprehensive emergency plan that was developed in conjunction with our local police and fire departments. These emergency plans outline specific procedures and processes to follow in response to emergencies.  While it is never possible to prepare for every conceivable situation, our emergency plans are broad and incorporate national standards and best practices for drills. To refine and ensure that our methods are valid, we practice emergency drills, with our staff, students, and police and fire departments requiring different responses such as offsite evacuation throughout the year.  

Please be part of our community safety net. We ask that you remain vigilant and alert our schools and police about anything suspicious that you might see or hear concerning our school community by adopting the "see something say something" strategy and asking your children to do the same.


As a parent or guardian of a Foxborough Public Schools student, we encourage you to become familiar with our District and School emergency procedures.

For information regarding school safety and security, please see the School Safety Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and other documents on our website at


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