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G — Personnel

GA Human Resources Policies Goals
GBA Affirmative Action For Recruitment Of Staff
GBD School Committee-Staff Communications
GBEA Staff Ethics/Conflict Of Interest
GBEB Staff Conduct
GBEBC Gifts To And Solicitations By Staff
GBEC Alcohol And Drug-Free Workplace Policy
GBECA pDrug And Alcohol Testing Policy For Employees In Positions Requiring A Commercial Driver's License (CDL) And Which Are Defined As Safety-Sensitive
GBED Tobacco Use On School Property By Staff Members
GBGB Employee Personal Security And Safety
GBGE Domestic Violence Leave Policy
GBI Staff Participation In Political Activities
GBJ Human Resources Records
GBK Staff Complaints And Grievances
GCA Licensed Employee Job Descriptions
GCBA Licensed Employee Salary Schedules
GCBC Licensed Employee Supplementary Pay Plans
GCCC/GDCC Family And Medical Leave
GCF Licensed Employee Hiring
GCG Part-Time And Substitute Teacher Employment
GCIA Philosophy Of Staff Development
GCJ Professional Teachers Status
GCO/GDO Employee Evaluation
GCOA Teacher Evaluation
GCQF Suspension And Dismissal Of Professional Staff Members
GCRD Tutoring For Pay
GDA >Support Staff Positions
GDQC Retirement Of Support Staff Members